North Dakota Author Paula F. Winskye
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Greener Pastures
Brandy Stevens struggles to raise her two children while working a low-paying job. More than anything else, her 12-year-old son, Jeff, wants a horse. Since this is financially impossible, Brandy finds him the next-best thing: a man who "wants to give a kid who likes horses the chance to learn about them."
But Kimo Carson, the mentor and cutting horse trainer, is physically & mentally scarred. He manages to break his self-imposed isolation when he offers to "give something back."
Brandy's children win his heart.  But can she & Kimo find romance despite the emotional baggage they both carry?
Available in paperback.  Sorry, the publisher has not yet made it available for Kindle & Nook.

Silent Stranger
Michelle Bowman leads a contented life, teaching in a 1-room school on her parents' remote Wyoming ranch. But her world turns upside-down when, on a field trip with her students, she discovers a "wild man" in the mountains. Starving, filthy, & unable to communicate, he fears everyone.
She manages to gain his trust. When she washes away the filth, she is shocked to discover horrifying scars. The man appears to be the victim of long-running torture.
Michelle is overwhelmed with questions. Who is this silent stranger? Where did he come from? Who would abuse him like this & was it someone in her small, closed community?
And so begins the long journey for both of them. Michelle sets out to nurse him back to health & teach him to rejoin humanity. She calls him Phillip because he has a way with horses & Phillip means lover of horses.
Michelle's life, and that of her family, will be turned upside-down while she solves the mysteries surrounding the silent stranger.
Available in paperback. Sorry, the publisher has not yet made it available for Kindle & Nook.

Wrong Turn
Young widow Steph Iverson heads to Colorado with her two-year-old daughter, Jeri, to start a new job & a new life.
In heavy snow, she makes a wrong turn in the mountains. When she tries to turn around, he car slides into a ditch.
With no cell phone signal & no sign of civilization, she fights off panic.
As night falls, the weather deteriorates.  How will they survive? She does the only thing she can---honk the car horn.
A rescuer emerges from the blizzard. After a harrowing trip, she finds herself safe in his isolated cabin.
Or is she?
Cut off from the rest of the world, she feels at the mercy of ruggedly handsome CC Danmeyer. He tries to ease her fears.
But how can she ever feel safe when no one knows she is there?
Avialable for Kindle & Nook, and in Paperback.

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