North Dakota Author Paula F. Winskye
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The Reverend Finds His Calling
Seminary student Tony Wagner finds more than he expected when he returns to his summer job in Evergreen National Park.
A serial killer has been hunting America's national parks.  He soon strikes in Evergreen.  But when the FBI begins investigating, evidence implicates Tony.
He must prove his innocense, then help find the real killer.
Meanwhile, Tony's less-than-perfect past become public knowledge, bringing dramatic changes to his life.
The book that started it all.  The first in Winskye's Tony Wagner mystery series.  Available for Kindle, Nook, & in Paperback.

The Reverend Goes Home
FBI consultant Tony Wagner, his wife, and son head to Wisconsin to visit Tony's family.  FBI agent Wyatt Garret wants him there for a different reason.
Two ATF agents have disappeared in the northern part of the state while investigating a radical faction of the Christian Army.
Garret believes that Tony's seminary training will help gain cooperation from the close-knit Christian Army community.
He never suspects that it will also make Tony a target.
The second in the Tony Wagner mystery series.  Available for Kindle, Nook, & in paperback.

The Reverend, Meth, & Murder
When Ranger Tony Wagner finds a body near the border of Evergreen National Park, Drug Enforcement Administration agents recruit him to help with the investigation.
How did Harry Torini, a member of the Denver mob, end up dead so far from the city?
The DEA arrests operators of a local meth lab for the murder.
Frustrated with their decision, Tony calls his FBI mentor, Wyatt Garret, for advice.
Garret takes over a case much more complex than the DEA suspected.
He and Tony soon realize that they are dealing with a far bigger threat than meth addicts.  Someone willing to kill again, and even endanger the whole town of Spruce Lake to escape justice.
The third in the Tony Wagner series.  Available for Kindle , Nook, and in Paperback.

The Reverend: Murder In Medora
When a small plane crashes in the badlands south of Medora, North Dakota, killing the pilot, investigators find bullet holes, illegal weapons, and thousands of dollars.
FBI agent Gina Salvatore brings in consultant Tony Wagner to assist with the murder investigation.
Salvatore tests Tony's patience from the start.
Before the case is solved, he finds his tracking ability, endurance, and survival skills tested as well.
"An enjoyable, suspenseful mystery tour of the Dakota badlands.  You'll love Ranger Tony Wagner.  Don't miss it!"---Peter Brandvold, author of THE DEVIL'S LAUGHTER.
"... a taut tale of gunrunning & murder that is sure to please her growing host of fans."---Terry Shoptaugh, author of THEY WERE READY.
The fourth Tony Wagner mystery.  Available for Kindle , Nook and in Paperback.

The Reverend Delivers
Violence strikes close to home for park ranger Tony Wagner with the brutal murder of Blake and Jill Fisher. Their teenage daughters, Christi and Terri, have vanished.
Tony finds evidence that the kidnappers took the girls into the mountains rather than leaving by road. Widely scattered signs keep him looking until he finds a clear trail.
FBI agent Wyatt Garret joins Tony as he tracks deep into the Rockies.
The unstable, late spring weather is the least of their problems. And finding the girls is just the beginning.
Tony faces the greatest challenges of his life. And the things he does to survive will change him forever.
Available for Kindle & in Paperback.  Coming soon for Nook.
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