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NEW FOR 2015
The Reverend: A.K.A. Wohanota—A serial killer has been hunting near powwow locations across the western US, leaving his victims with a distinctive tattoo.
FBI agent Wyatt Garret asks consultant Tony Wagner to join the team investigating these murders. This time, he expects to use not only Tony's tracking skills, but also his Chippewa ancestry, and knowledge of powwow culture.
When the killer strikes at Tony's home powwow in Wisconsin, his friends and relatives help him gain the trust and cooperation of other participants.  His uncle finds a way for Tony to disclose his ancestry, despite his blond hair and blue eyes.
Before the team catches up to the killer, his trail takes them from New Mexico to Montana and North Dakota.
In the process of tracking him, Tony finds himself getting closer to his Native American heritage.
Meanwhile, both Tony & Garret face upheaval at home.  Tony has proven that he can handle the complications of his family life.  But how will Garret deal with the distractions?
And how will Tony handle a change in leadership when Garret is needed at home?
The Reverend: A.K.A. Wohanota is the 7th Tony Wagner Mystery.  An 8th volume is scheduled for release in 2016.
Available for Kindle, Nook, & in Paperback.

Tony Wagner feels aimless.  He loves his hectic family life with 3 kids and 3 foster daughters.  But he has lost interest in his job as a national park ranger.
And, even though an FBI psychiatrist has cleared him to work, no agents have asked him to consult on a case.
Then, Agent Wyatt Garret calls.  He has been summoned to Maine to investigate the death of a former ambassador's son.
Greg O'Connor has fallen from the south face of The Precipice in Acadia National Park.  Was it murder, suicide, or just a climbing accident?  Garret needs Tony to use his climbing skills to search for evidence on the cliff face.
He also admits that other agents are cautious about using Tony.  They worry that the trauma of a year earlier will effect how he reacts under pressure.
Before the case is solved, they will find out.
In the sixth installment of Winskye's Tony Wagner mystery series, the author takes her protagonist to her husband's native New England.  While researching this story, she hiked the same Bear Brook Trail that Tony takes up Champlain Mountain.
Available for Kindle, Nook, & in Paperback.

When Cody Pfeiffer's boss, Karlea Johnson, asks him to move with her from North Dakota to Arizona, he's reluctant. But he likes the job he's had since his teens, caring for and training her horses.
More important, as the years have passed, he's fallen in love with his widowed boss. He keeps his feelings to himself, certain that she still thinks of him as a kid.
After considering her request, he agrees to the move. He can't let her go without him. He sees this as his chance to win her love.
But, when he puts his plan into action, it takes them in a direction he never intended.
Available in Kindle & Paperback.  Coming soon for Nook.

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